Absorbent tray-liners

ENARIS disposable absorbent Tray Liners are commonly used in labs, theatres and clinics when autoclaving - to reduce damage and condensation.

The Tray Liners cover theatre trays and baskets to assist in preventing the spread of condensation during the autoclave process, thus ensuring dry packs. The disposable absorbent liners help prevent cross-infection contamination.

They are often used under trays to protect wraps from sharp corners/feet on trays and baskets whilst also providing rapid absorption of condensate during processing, reducing the incidence of damaged or wet packs.

Enaris can offer a variety of different material options, ranging from crepe through to materials offering a higher level of absorbency, and with impermeable backing.

Products can be manufactured to size to suit your requirements.

Mark Lingard, Marketing Manager, said: “We get a lot of inquiries for tray-liners, and there seems to be a lot of variety in what we’re asked for, and a lot of different sizes on the market. The message here is Enaris can offer the whole range.”

Other products offered by Enaris include non-slip disposable absorbent floor mats used in operating theatres, scrubs, urology, maternity and more – and sold into the NHS via the Supply Chain - and products such as spill pads and incontinence sheets.

We also manufacture absorbent spillage protection, compliant specimen transportation products, absorbent tourniquet drapes and much more.

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